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About Us

Rhythm FM Inc. has introduced a new format of radio "Blazin FM" to their company. This new radio station is formatted to target fashion forward 15 - 35 year olds, a select group of people motivated by being hip, slick and cool. Blazin FM is the Ultimate Party Station; the station is formatted to sound like a party 24/7 with up-to-the-time programming that appeal to its listeners. We are strong supporters of all youth programs; educational, sports and entertainment. The station has a strong presence at schools, on the streets and in all night clubs around the island.

  • Hollywood HP

    Hollywood HP is a personality on Blazin. He is the most popular and requested DJ for parties.

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  • Scady Dot P

    M.C. Scady is an anchor on the Morning Heat. Probably the most energetic person ...

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  • DJ Play

    DJ Play is a cast member of the Morning Heat. He is a seasoned DJ who’s been in the business..

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  • DJ Mega B

    DJ Mega is a DJ on Blazin. He is our multitalented DJ with the golden voice.

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  • C4

    C4 is a D.J. on Blazin. He is best known for his skills on the tables.

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  • Franny

    Franny Solomon is part of The Morning Heat cast. She brings a female perspective to the show.

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  • Chrisann

    My name is Chrisann ,music soothes me and takes me to a place of comfort.

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